1. Sales commences on Monday, 23rd July, 2018 - Thursday, 18th October, 2018

  2. Interested applicants are to obtain an “E-Transaction Pin” at the sum of N 5,000.00 only in order to apply. An additional sum of N200.00 will also be charged as Bank charges.

  3. The E-Transaction Pin can be obtained at either ABU Micro Finance Bank, Zaria or via PAY DIRECT PLATFORM at First Bank PLC or any other Commercial Bank nationwide. The Pin will be generated, printed and issued to the applicants after payment.

  4. Visit: www.sbrsabu.org website and click on the “Application” link from the Menu.

  5.  Complete the form as required.
    Note:  Uploading your picture (120px x 120px and 40kb) is required.

  6. After completing the form, a print preview page will be displayed for you to print. Simply click on the “Print” button to print your form. Print at least 2 copies for your perusal.

  7. You are to print your “Pre-Entrance Exam Card” in two (2) copies from the website also.

  8. You may wish to “reprint” or “edit”  your submitted form, by visiting the “Application” link again.

  9. For help, please call: 080 8464 8930, 080 8464 8946, 080 9779 3009